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  1. Planning for Riverside Area as Water Tourism Destination to Improve Quality of Life Local Residents, Case Study: Batuan – Sikambing River, Medan, Indonesia (Hilma Tamiami Fachrudin, Mohammad Dolok Lubis; International - 2016)
  2. How Self-efficacy Enhance Heritage Tourism in Medan Historical Corridor, Indonesia (Nurlisa Ginting; International - 2016)
  3. Water Tower of Medan as a Character of the City Tourism (Imam Faisal Pane; International - 2016)
  4. Social Space as People-gathering Tool (Morida Siagian; International - 2016)
  5. Mutualistic Social Relationship Between Tamil and Chinese Communities in the Formation of Social Space in Kampung Keling Medan (Morida Siagian; International - 2016)
  6. Performance of a clothes drying cabinet by utilizing waste heat from a split-type residential air conditioner (Nelson M. Siahaan; International - 2016)
  7. A Framework for Exploring Livable Community acheter viagra in Residential Environment. Case Study: Public Housing in Medan, Indonesia (Dwira Nirfalini Aulia; International - 2016)
  8. Communication Strategy Planning of Fisherman Kampung Medan Belawan as a Tourist Destination (Beny OY Marpaung; International - 2016)
  9. Public Open Spaces In North Sumatra Province (Achmad Delianur & Wahyuni Zahrah; International - 2015)
  10. The Space is Not Ours, the Life of Public Open Space in Gated Community in Medan, Indonesia (Achmad Delianur & Wahyuni Zahrah; International - 2015)
  11. Public Open Space Privatization and Quality of Life, Case Study Merdeka Square Medan (Achmad Delianur; International - 2011)
  12. Panduan Rancang Kota untuk memodifikasi Suhu Mikro Kota: Sebuah gagasan untuk Kawasan Rumah Toko di Medan (Achmad Delianur & Wahyuni Zahrah; International 2015)
  13. Urban Design Guidelines for Shophouses: A Temperature Modification Approach (Wahyuni Zahrah & Achmad Delianur; International - 2015)
  14. Community Perception on Public Open Space and Quality of Life in Medan, Indonesia (Achmad Delianur & Wahyuni Zahrah; International - 2014)
  15. Exploring Identity's Aspect of Continuity of Urban Heritage Tourism (Nurlisa Ginting; International - 2014)
  16. Maimoon Palace Heritage District in Medan, Indonesia: What We Preserve and Why We Preserve? (Nurlisa Ginting & N. Vinky Rahman; International - 2015)
  17. Residential Satisfaction of Middle Income Population: Medan city (Dwira Nirfalini Aulia; International - 2013)
  18. The Study of Investment Portfolio Management and Sustainability of Property and Real Estate Companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange (Hilma Tamiami Fachrudin; International - 2015)
  19. Conservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage in Indonesia: A Review Current National Criteria for Assessing Heritage Value (Isnen Fitri; International - 2015)
  20. Public Open Space’s Contribution to Quality of Life: Does privatisation matters? (Achmad Delianur & Wahyuni Zahrah; International - 2014)

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